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Mare Nostrum Mare Nostrum Restore the Roman Empire and own the entire Mediterranean and Black Sea coast lines. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 0.73
Kuban Cigars Kuban Cigars As Kuba, own or have a subject own Havana and be the world’s leading producer of Tobacco. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 1.41
Kushite Restoration Kushite Restoration As a Nubian culture nation, own the entire Egyptian region as core provinces. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 1.34
The Fezzan Corridors The Fezzan Corridors As Fezzan, control at least 90% of the trade power in Tunis, Katsina, Safi and Timbuktu. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 1.49
Victorian Three Victorian Three As Busoga, Buganda or Karagwe, reach administrative, diplomatic and military technology level 32. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 1.34
The Animal Kingdom The Animal Kingdom As Manipur, unite the Bengal region and convert it to Animism. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 1.36
Golden Horn Golden Horn As a Somali nation, fully own the Horn of Africa region and have a monthly gold income of at least 10 ducats. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 1.20
Kinslayer Kinslayer As Tver, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Beloozero, Rostov or Odoyev, eliminate all other Rurikovich nations without changing your ruling dynasty. 04/04/2016 18:52:19 1.24
Choson One Choson One As Korea, own or have a subject own all Shinto, Confucian and Buddhist provinces in the world. 04/04/2016 18:52:20 1.27
Sailor Mon Sailor Mon As Pegu, have at least 100,000 sailors. 04/04/2016 18:52:20 1.40
Networking Networking Have 100 point spy networks in 3 Rival nations. 04/04/2016 18:52:20 0.68
The White Company The White Company Join a war on the other side of someone to whom you have rented condottieri. 04/04/2016 18:52:20 1.11
Time Bandit Time Bandit Successfully steal a map from another nation. 04/04/2016 18:52:20 0.26
With a little help.. With a little help.. As Ragusa, lead a Trade League of at least 5 nations and guarantee the Ottomans’ independence. 04/04/2016 18:52:20 1.48
Just Resting In My Account Just Resting In My Account Corrupt the officials in a Rival country. 04/04/2016 18:52:20 0.60

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