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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

Van Helsing Final Cut: High Resolution Texture Pack

54.8 average hours needed for completion.

50 achievements worth of 78.02 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Forgotten knowledge Forgotten knowledge Reach level 100 with an Elementalist or Umbralist (character classes). 11/06/2015 22:47:42 2.13
Steam Lord Steam Lord Reach level 100 with a Constructor or Phlogistoneer (character classes). 11/06/2015 22:47:44 2.17
Just a good ole' hunter Just a good ole' hunter Reach level 100 with a Bounty Hunter or Protector (character classes). 11/06/2015 22:47:44 2.08
Circle Unbroken Circle Unbroken Complete the "Forgotten Knowledge", "Steam Lord" and "Just a Good ole' hunter" achievements. 11/06/2015 22:47:45 2.50
Requiem for a dream Requiem for a dream Die with a level 60 or higher hardcore character. 11/06/2015 22:47:45 2.26
Eternal Glory Eternal Glory Reach Glory level 100. 11/06/2015 22:47:45 2.42
Glory of a legend Glory of a legend Reach Reputation level 15. 11/06/2015 22:47:46 1.69
Specialist Specialist Learn every Skill, Powerup and Mastery on a single branch of the Skill Tree with any Character Class. 11/06/2015 22:47:47 1.60
Tower Defender Tower Defender Finish a Tower Defense mission. 11/06/2015 22:47:49 1.08
Viva la Resistance! Viva la Resistance! Finish a Resistance mission. 11/06/2015 22:47:49 1.43
Just a sip Just a sip Drink lots of potions (shouldn't be that hard). 11/06/2015 22:47:50 1.15
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter Let's be honest here. The most important part of a game like Van Helsing is the LOOT! So go out there and gather as much as you can! From chests. 11/06/2015 22:47:50 0.94
A good catch A good catch Collect 1 million gold with any character. 11/06/2015 22:47:51 1.20
A hunter with style A hunter with style Equip a full collection of Set items. 11/06/2015 22:47:53 2.23
Manservant Manservant Gain entrance to the village of Markovna with the help of Lady Katarina. 11/06/2015 22:47:53 0.69
Reach Borgova Reach Borgova Reach the town of Borgova. 11/06/2015 22:47:54 0.92
Breda and Butter Breda and Butter Defeat Fulmigati's General. 11/06/2015 22:47:54 1.10
Unfulmigator Unfulmigator Defeat Fulmigati the Mad Scientist. 11/06/2015 22:47:55 1.17
Shock and Awe Shock and Awe Let loose the power of Perun. 11/06/2015 22:47:55 1.29
Spanner in the works Spanner in the works Destroy the Animated Extraction Rig. 11/06/2015 22:47:56 1.34
The roots of evil The roots of evil Defeat the Dryad Queen and General Harker. 11/06/2015 22:47:57 1.37
Crystal Bastion Crystal Bastion Defeat the Master of Doors. 11/06/2015 22:47:58 1.41
Follow the Leader Follow the Leader You have defeated the leader of the Cult of Seven. 11/06/2015 22:47:59 1.42
Defying Death Defying Death You have destroyed Koschei's Death. 11/06/2015 22:47:59 1.48
Ride into the Sunset Ride into the Sunset You have defeated Koshei the Deathless and saved Borgovia. 11/06/2015 22:47:59 1.49
I'm so Hardcore! I'm so Hardcore! Finish the game with a Hardcore character. 11/06/2015 22:47:59 2.37
Never Walk Alone Never Walk Alone Finish the game playing mostly in coop. 11/06/2015 22:47:59 2.09
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf Finish the game in single player all the way through. 11/06/2015 22:47:59 1.59
But wait! There's more! But wait! There's more! Complete a Daily Quest. 11/06/2015 22:48:00 1.37
A change of pace A change of pace Finish a Scenario. 11/06/2015 22:48:00 1.30
Tour the World Tour the World Play every Scenario type. 11/06/2015 22:48:01 1.78
Perfect Plan Perfect Plan Finish a Tower Defense mission without letting any monster reach the gate. 11/06/2015 22:48:03 1.19
Monsters' Bane Monsters' Bane Killing lots of monsters will make you famous among the populace and infamous among the monsters. 11/06/2015 22:48:04 0.99
Let loose the ghost of war Let loose the ghost of war Let Lady Katarina kill a Boss. (Delivering the final blow is enough.) 11/06/2015 22:48:04 0.86
Nemesis Nemesis Defeat Bosses to gain reputation! 11/06/2015 22:48:04 1.27
Archhero Archhero Defeat Special Enemies to gain reputation! 11/06/2015 22:48:05 1.18
Godlike Godlike Upgrade a Godlike item to its full potential. 11/06/2015 22:48:06 2.19
In your face, Jones! In your face, Jones! Collect 10 Relics for the Resistance. 11/06/2015 22:48:06 1.67
Bunnyslayer Bunnyslayer Find the mythical sword The Bunnyslayer. 11/06/2015 22:48:07 1.15
Riddle me Wisp Riddle me Wisp Answer all the Riddle Wisps correctly (so you don't have to fight them). 11/06/2015 22:48:08 1.74
Rightful Heir Rightful Heir Retrieve King Borislav's Royal Scepter. 11/06/2015 22:48:09 1.56
Grey Treasures Grey Treasures Loot the Grey Wizard. 11/06/2015 22:48:09 1.40
It was a blast! It was a blast! Save the Bomb Expert's life 11/06/2015 22:48:10 1.53
Profiler Profiler You have an uncanny sense of recognizing dangerous criminals and you know who should stay behind bars. 11/06/2015 22:48:10 2.13
Murky waters Murky waters You've found the underwater section of the Laboratory. 11/06/2015 22:48:11 1.44
The Grimm truth The Grimm truth You've uncovered the true story of Hansel and Gretel. 11/06/2015 22:48:12 1.48
Her little pony Her little pony You have found the tomb of the lost pony. 11/06/2015 22:48:14 1.64
Family reunion Family reunion You've met one of Katarina's relatives in the Otherworld. 11/06/2015 22:48:14 1.52
Incredible Adventures Incredible Adventures Complete all Achievements. 11/06/2015 22:48:15 2.52
Lock and Key Lock and Key You have sealed down the Impossible Tombs. 11/06/2015 22:48:16 1.46

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