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Rocket League® - Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack


5 achievements worth of 1.27 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest Equip the Shark Fin Topper and win an Unfair Bot Match 09/23/2015 22:07:52 0.43
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Win a game against All-Star Bots with the Hearts Decal equipped 09/23/2015 22:07:52 0.43
Natural Progression Natural Progression Win an Online Match with Scarab or Zippy 09/23/2015 22:07:53 0.07
Throwback Throwback Use the Accelerato Boost with an original Battle-Car while playing in a SARPBC-inspired arena 09/23/2015 22:07:55 0.22
Hot Shot, Part Two Hot Shot, Part Two Win the MVP award using Scarab or Zippy 09/23/2015 22:07:56 0.12

Achievement Stats 1.19
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