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8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey Remastered Edition

8-Bit Adventures - Soundtrack + Composer's Selection

14.1 average hours needed for completion.

40 achievements worth of 74.16 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Feelin' Blue Feelin' Blue Claim the Blue Orb. 06/03/2015 05:43:14 1.48
Green Thumb Green Thumb Claim the Green Orb. 06/03/2015 05:43:15 1.56
Seeing Red Seeing Red Claim the Red Orb. 06/03/2015 05:43:16 1.60
From the Depths From the Depths Summon an ancient vehicle! 06/03/2015 05:43:17 1.63
The Greater Good The Greater Good Fix the Red Orb, no matter the cost. 06/03/2015 05:43:18 1.72
Consumed by Dust Consumed by Dust Escape from a dying world. 06/03/2015 05:43:19 1.83
Well, That's One Well, That's One Defeat the Golem and claim the Wind of Oris! 06/03/2015 05:43:19 1.86
Dwarven Craftsmanship Dwarven Craftsmanship Get the special item from Room 37. 06/03/2015 05:43:20 1.87
A Ghostly Trick A Ghostly Trick Explore the Blue Mage's Tower. 06/03/2015 05:43:21 1.88
What Was in Those Spores? What Was in Those Spores? Defeat the Colossal Tree. 06/03/2015 05:43:22 1.90
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Defeat the Shadow Demon. 06/03/2015 05:43:23 1.91
Dance the Night Away Dance the Night Away Spend the night at Pheopolis Castle. 06/03/2015 05:43:24 1.93
Beginning of the End Beginning of the End The way is open. Get ready! 06/03/2015 05:43:25 1.93
City in the Dust City in the Dust Defeat the All-Seeing Abomination. 06/03/2015 05:43:26 1.93
This is It This is It Defeat the Dust Knight and open the path to the Final Dungeon. 06/03/2015 05:43:26 1.93
The End The End Your 8-Bit Adventure has come to an end. Take a well-earned rest! 06/03/2015 05:43:27 1.95
The Curse is Lifted The Curse is Lifted Vanquish the horrible curse in the frozen North. 06/03/2015 05:43:28 1.82
A Four Course Meal A Four Course Meal Feed the Hungry Soldier in Azureus. 06/03/2015 05:43:29 1.91
Deep Sea Diving Deep Sea Diving Get the three Water Crystals and save Bruneus! 06/03/2015 05:43:29 1.90
The First Step's the Hardest The First Step's the Hardest Take over 25000 steps and visit the Traveller. 06/03/2015 05:43:30 1.90
Sunset Ruins Sunset Ruins Find the treasure in the Overgrown Temple. 06/03/2015 05:43:31 1.94
Rest in Peace Rest in Peace Defeat the Frozen Phantom. 06/03/2015 05:43:31 1.93
A Pirate's Life for Me A Pirate's Life for Me Defeat the Pirate Captain and take his treasure. 06/03/2015 05:43:32 1.94
Best Left Buried Best Left Buried Free the Sky Forge from the Dwarven Sentry! 06/03/2015 05:43:33 1.94
Vengeance Vengeance Destroy the Sealed Demon. 06/03/2015 05:43:34 1.93
Glitch 0x43 Glitch 0x43 Defeat the Corruption. 06/03/2015 05:43:34 1.94
Friendly Advice Friendly Advice Get some friendly advice from Kelly at three specific times. 06/03/2015 05:43:35 1.81
Shades of Truth Shades of Truth Speak to all five Shades in the Ruined Castle, and learn their story. 06/03/2015 05:43:36 1.53
Critical Error Critical Error Find the Robot named Error. 06/03/2015 05:43:37 1.80
Who Builds These Things Anyway? Who Builds These Things Anyway? Read all eight signposts in the Game Kid world. 06/03/2015 05:43:38 1.86
Ancient Wisdom Ancient Wisdom Find and read all seven historical tablets in the Pyramid, and learn from past mistakes. 06/03/2015 05:43:39 1.86
Lali-No! Lali-No! Talk to one particularly disgruntled Dwarf. 06/03/2015 05:43:39 1.87
A Cold Truth A Cold Truth Read the three journal entries scattered across the Snowy Mountains. 06/03/2015 05:43:40 1.91
Night Owl Night Owl Catch the soldier looking for a late-night snack! 06/03/2015 05:43:41 1.95
True Knight True Knight Reach Level 20 as the Warrior. 06/03/2015 05:43:42 1.90
Master Thief Master Thief Reach Level 20 as the Thief. 06/03/2015 05:43:42 1.90
Last of the Magi Last of the Magi Reach Level 20 as the Mage. 06/03/2015 05:43:43 1.90
Legendary Legendary Acquire every piece of Ultimate Equipment! 06/03/2015 05:43:44 1.95
The True Final Battle The True Final Battle Defeat the Final Boss while using every piece of Ultimate Equipment. 06/03/2015 05:43:44 1.95
Surprise! Surprise! Find and enter the Developer Room. 06/03/2015 05:43:45 1.95

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