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Big Brain Wolf

7.0 average hours needed for completion.

10 achievements worth of 10.41 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Promising student Promising student Completed the tutorial 0.71
Mission bound Mission bound Completed chapter 1 0.91
Jailbreak Jailbreak Completed chapter 2 1.02
King of the hood King of the hood Completed chapter 3 1.07
Charming infiltrator Charming infiltrator Completed chapter 4 1.10
Sleuth Sleuth Completed game story 1.10
Love is in the air Love is in the air Sara rescued 1.02
Mastermind Mastermind 50 puzzles completed 1.12
Genius! Genius! 50 puzzles completed without using hints 1.14
Training day Training day Earned a hint key on each of the six brain training exercices 1.21

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