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Vertical Drop Heroes HD

Vertical Drop Heroes - Halloween Theme

17.1 average hours needed for completion.

30 achievements worth of 36.17 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Goblin Slayer! Goblin Slayer! Defeat 25 Goblin Spearmen. 07/26/2014 15:18:26 0.76
Weapon Unlocked: Crossbow! Weapon Unlocked: Crossbow! Purchase any 5 unlocks to gain a Crossbow: nail your enemies to the wall! 07/26/2014 15:18:26 0.97
Weapon Unlocked: Pickaxe! Weapon Unlocked: Pickaxe! Purchase any 20 unlocks to gain a Pickaxe: dig your way to the depths of the dungeon! 07/26/2014 15:18:26 1.28
Weapon Unlocked: Katana! Weapon Unlocked: Katana! Purchase all 50 unlocks to gain a Katana: hack and slash your way past your enemies! 07/26/2014 15:18:27 1.75
Weapon Unlocked: Warhammer! Weapon Unlocked: Warhammer! Complete a run in Normal mode to gain a Warhammer: smash your enemies into the scenery! 07/26/2014 15:18:27 1.51
Weapon Unlocked: Reaver! Weapon Unlocked: Reaver! Kill 150 enemies in a single run to unlock the Reaver: slay your enemies and absorb their souls! 07/26/2014 15:18:27 1.15
Weapon Unlocked: Bone Dagger! Weapon Unlocked: Bone Dagger! Complete at least 3 levels in Pacifist mode on a single run to unlock the Bone Dagger: stab your enemies from behind for mega damage! 07/26/2014 15:18:28 1.53
Weapon Unlocked: Musket Gun! Weapon Unlocked: Musket Gun! Achieve a score of 25,000 in New Game Plus to unlock the Musket Gun: blast your enemies to smithereens! 07/26/2014 15:18:28 1.68
Weapon Unlocked: Infinity Sword! Weapon Unlocked: Infinity Sword! Complete the game 3 times to unlock the Infinity Sword: turn yourself into the ultimate Glass Cannon! 07/26/2014 15:18:28 1.78
High Voltage Treatment High Voltage Treatment Jump into electrified water to get this achievement! But seriously, don't even try this in real life. 07/26/2014 15:18:29 1.08
Takes Two to Tango Takes Two to Tango Complete any level in split screen multiplayer mode. 07/26/2014 15:18:29 1.36
Jumping Ahead of the Game Jumping Ahead of the Game Unlock a Green Crystal, skip at least one level using the Teleportation Shrine, and go through the Portal in the Temple of Knowledge. 07/26/2014 15:18:30 1.07
The Artful Dodger The Artful Dodger Complete a level without triggering any alarms in single-player mode. 07/26/2014 15:18:30 1.05
One Hand Tied Behind My Back One Hand Tied Behind My Back Complete a level without using any Skills or Powers in single-player mode. 07/26/2014 15:18:31 1.04
On the Shoulders of Giants On the Shoulders of Giants Upgrade the Apothecary, Blacksmith, and Pacifist Monk to level 10. 07/26/2014 15:18:31 1.31
We Don't Need Roads! We Don't Need Roads! Complete a game in Normal mode without using the Teleportation Shrine. 07/26/2014 15:18:31 1.56
Boss Bypass Boss Bypass Open a door blocking a Portal before the Boss of the level is defeated. You'll need five keys. 07/26/2014 15:18:32 1.09
Silence of the Lambs Silence of the Lambs Turn an enemy into a flying sheep... and then get rid of the sheep. 07/26/2014 15:18:32 1.43
Say Hello to My Little Friend Say Hello to My Little Friend Summon a Dragon. ROAR. 07/26/2014 15:18:32 1.34
A Helping Hand A Helping Hand Complete any of the mini side-quests given by an NPC in a level. 07/26/2014 15:18:33 0.85
Let Me Out! Let Me Out! Rescue a friendly hero from a cage. You can either use a key or find a way to break the cage. 07/26/2014 15:18:33 0.72
The Price of Freedom The Price of Freedom Keep a rescued Thief alive long enough for him to drop a Red Gem. 07/26/2014 15:18:34 0.85
Beam Me Up! Beam Me Up! Use a blue teleporter to return to the top of the level. 07/26/2014 15:18:34 0.72
It Wasn't Me! It Wasn't Me! Defeat 9 enemies in a level while remaining in Pacifist Mode... for example, by using Swap when you are over a pit of spikes, or by letting rescued heroes do your dirty work. 07/26/2014 15:18:35 0.95
Blackjack! Blackjack! Gain enough experience to reach Level 21. 07/26/2014 15:18:36 1.13
What's this Sticky Thing? What's this Sticky Thing? Walk into a Cave Spider's web. 07/26/2014 15:18:36 1.16
The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway Break yourself free after being frozen by an Ice Bolt by repeatedly pressing Jump. 07/26/2014 15:18:37 1.38
A Song of Ice and Fire. And Lightning. A Song of Ice and Fire. And Lightning. Activate a Shrine of Frost, a Shrine of Flames and a Shrine of Sparks in a single run. 07/26/2014 15:18:37 1.19
I Love Treasure! I Love Treasure! Open a total of 20 Treasure Chests in a single game. Breaking open the chests also count. 07/26/2014 15:18:37 1.35
Peace and Non Violence Peace and Non Violence Collect 12 Pacifist Orbs in a single level. 07/26/2014 15:18:38 1.14

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