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14.3 average hours needed for completion.

11 achievements worth of 14.98 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Disciple of the Osmos Disciple of the Osmos Complete all tutorial zones. 0.36
Voyager Voyager Unlock all zones. 0.87
Purity Purity Complete all Ambient zones. 1.14
Gravitronics Gravitronics Complete all Force zones. 1.60
Fittest Fittest Complete all Sentient zones. 0.94
Master of the Deep Master of the Deep Complete five levels in any Forever zone. 1.78
Graduate of the Osmos Graduate of the Osmos Complete the game. 1.59
Ambient Master Ambient Master Complete three levels in each Ambient Forever zone. 1.82
Master of the Force Master of the Force Complete three levels in each Force Forever zone. 1.91
Viral Master Viral Master Complete three levels in each Sentient Forever zone. 1.80
Black Hole Sun Black Hole Sun Collapse the system in level F2-3 by feeding the Attractor. 1.16

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