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Shadows on the Vatican - Act I: Greed

4.2 average hours needed for completion.

20 achievements worth of 26.97 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Zen Master Zen Master Survive a conversation with Anna Marano 06/11/2014 22:11:47 1.31
Italian memories Italian memories Find a widespread sign of modern civilization 06/11/2014 22:11:47 1.32
James Murphy, doctor James Murphy, doctor Finish the tutorial by stitching Mario's wound 06/11/2014 22:11:47 1.11
The game is on The game is on Find the first clues about the Cristoforo investigation 06/11/2014 22:11:48 1.21
Harder path Harder path Solve a puzzle using the calendar at home 06/11/2014 22:11:48 1.37
Cyberspace Surfer Cyberspace Surfer Complete successfully your first online search 06/11/2014 22:11:49 1.32
Cheap James Cheap James Corrupt the Capena church keeper 06/11/2014 22:11:49 1.33
Take that, dr. Jones Take that, dr. Jones Solve the most cryptic puzzle left by Cristoforo 06/11/2014 22:11:49 1.33
James the sinner James the sinner Get ready for hell by ruining sister Candida 06/11/2014 22:11:50 1.33
Attentive reader Attentive reader Face an adventure clichè: the diary! 06/11/2014 22:11:50 1.33
Not afraid of pixel hunting Not afraid of pixel hunting Find something that belonged to the jeweler 06/11/2014 22:11:50 1.35
Lights off Lights off Follow the car to its destination without making mistakes 06/11/2014 22:11:51 1.45
Look, a bush! Look, a bush! It's not pixel hunting if you have a magnifier... 06/11/2014 22:11:51 1.40
Mysterious password Mysterious password ...it maybe makes sense in another game? 06/11/2014 22:11:51 1.36
Ho ho ho! Ho ho ho! Try entering from the chimney on December 24th 06/11/2014 22:11:52 1.46
Audere Semper Audere Semper Elisa, we hold you in our hearts 06/11/2014 22:11:52 1.40
Lots of space here... Lots of space here... Bring a sexy lady back home 06/11/2014 22:11:53 1.36
Math Ace Math Ace Get the calculation wrong twice 06/11/2014 22:11:53 1.41
Thrilled face Thrilled face Complete Shadows on the Vatican Act I 06/11/2014 22:11:53 1.38
Dialogue skipper Dialogue skipper Complete the adventure in less than two hours 06/11/2014 22:11:54 1.45

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