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Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India


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The British Raj The British Raj Rule the Empire of Britannia as a Hindu, Buddhist or Jain character 03/25/2014 15:21:30 0.72
Beyond the Indus Beyond the Indus As a ruler of non-Indian culture, conquer a King or Emperor title in India 03/25/2014 15:21:30 0.48
My Very Own Subcontinent My Very Own Subcontinent Become Samrat Chakravartin 03/25/2014 15:21:30 0.67
Kali Maaa Kali Maaa Sacrifice a King or Emperor tier character to Kali 03/25/2014 15:21:30 0.73
I can see its Stripes I can see its Stripes Kill a tiger by your own hand 03/25/2014 15:21:30 0.45
Great Indian Sultanate Great Indian Sultanate Rule the Empire of Rajastan and convert all its provinces to Islam 03/25/2014 15:21:30 0.75
Saint Thomas's Dream Saint Thomas's Dream Rule an Indian Kingdom or Empire as a Christian and convert all its provinces 03/25/2014 15:21:30 0.58
What Schism? What Schism? Convert both Rome and Constantinople to the same (Indian) religion 03/25/2014 15:21:31 0.75
Red Sea Resort Red Sea Resort Convert Mecca to Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism 03/25/2014 15:21:31 0.71
Looking East and West Looking East and West Be Emperor of both Persia and Rajastan 04/02/2014 13:57:36 0.67

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