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Alien Breed 3: Descent

15.2 average hours needed for completion.

13 achievements worth of 24.92 points
Achievement Description Crawled Points Report as
Elite Unit Elite Unit Complete all single player levels 1-5 on Elite difficulty 2.03
Battle-hardened Battle-hardened Complete all single player levels 1-5 1.67
Seasoned Squaddie Seasoned Squaddie Complete any multiplayer level 2.09
Exterminator Exterminator Kill 1000 aliens in single player 1.62
Immobilised Immobilised Stun 10 aliens with one Stun Grenade 1.83
Frag-master Frag-master Kill 10 aliens with one Frag Grenade 1.88
The Informed The Informed Collect all the logs throughout the game 1.82
Survivor Survivor Stay alive for 8 minutes on any single player Survivor level 2.09
Meat Grinder Meat Grinder Kill 250 aliens on any multiplayer Survivor level 2.15
Hidden Treasure Hidden Treasure Find all secret collectibles 2.05
Tank Tank Take 500 damage on 'Determination' single player mission without dying 1.94
More Speed, Less Haste More Speed, Less Haste Complete 'Vengeance' single player level on Veteran difficulty in 17 minutes or less 2.15
Time to Party Time to Party Complete 3 Co-op Assault multiplayer games 1.62

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