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One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party

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Normal Ending Normal Ending Beracus and Lee barely managed to escape the bunker. ...but everyone else was left trapped underground. 02/13/2020 18:55:22 0.00
True Ending True Ending Beracus and Lee escaped the bunker! Working together to defeat James, they were able to free the spirits of everyone underground. 02/13/2020 18:55:22 0.00
Lee Died Lee Died During the fight with James, Lee unfortunately perished. Without Lee, Beracus could no longer complete his mission to save his village. 02/13/2020 18:55:23 0.00
Beracus Died Beracus Died James took advantage of Beracus and killed him. Lee left the bunker and continued his journey without him. 02/13/2020 18:55:23 0.00
Lee Drowned Lee Drowned Lee decided to take a quick bath in the bunker... But all is not right down below, causing Lee to drown in the tub. 02/13/2020 18:55:24 0.00
Lee was Poisoned Lee was Poisoned Lee took a chance drinking a mysterious liquid! ...turns out that liquid was poison. 02/13/2020 18:55:24 0.00
Lee Exploded Lee Exploded Lee tried his best to force open the safe in the wall. Doing so, caused the safe to explode in his face. 02/13/2020 18:55:24 0.00
Who? Who? Beracus just couldn't defeat James... But then, a friendly and mysterious form appeared in front of him and offered help. This form said they knew him, but who was it? 02/13/2020 18:55:25 0.00

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