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Friends ranking of Anhellius

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1 Anhellius Anhellius HeartlessIn 3 days? Yeah right!PyroIn under a week? Can't be done!Botanical Bad A**Forgive me, for I have SindhPirate Bay of JanjiraChop ChopAnglophileTurtles all the way downIndustrial PowerhouseLegendary Japanese Army Pilot (50 Victories)Legendary Japanese Navy Pilot (50 Victories)Endless GamerKnow Thy Enemy 3824.13 05/25/2019 21:53:09
2 MadDjinn MadDjinn Seeing StarsWon Without Primary ResourceCampaign Win (Manager)Resistance Is UselessFreezerTalisman SupremoParanoid AndroidBiting the hand that fed youIt's a mad, mad worldDivided and conqueredLook at all of the wonderful toysSix on one, sounds fair to meHarbinger of DoomHitting it where it hurtsFight the Future 1336.78 05/22/2019 06:29:47
3 Mustache Girl Mustache Girl 0.00

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