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Tooney712 Tooney712 Herbicide Herbicide 0.96 02/22/2019 01:57:20
Defeat Plant 42 using Chris.
tosemfreio tosemfreio Keep foyer combat master Keep foyer combat master 1.14 02/22/2019 01:04:45
Achieve gold medal for this challenge map
Slyden Slyden Made in Fyrestone Made in Fyrestone 0.44 02/22/2019 00:34:13
Completed all missions in the Arid Badlands
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio This is My Style This is My Style 1.00 02/21/2019 23:59:24
Build your own custom loadout
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio Champion Mastery II Champion Mastery II 0.55 02/21/2019 23:57:18
2 Champions at Mastery 5.
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio Champion Mastery I Champion Mastery I 0.39 02/21/2019 23:56:56
1 Champion at Mastery 5.
Skwermberders Skwermberders Mars Attacks Mars Attacks 1.02 02/21/2019 23:47:37
Unlock "2500" of Everything Achievement - "Show Them the Meaning of Haste"
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio Untouched Untouched 0.26 02/21/2019 23:42:33
Win a match where the enemy team scored no points.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Aperture Science Aperture Science 1.33 02/21/2019 23:41:36
Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio Not Like This Not Like This 0.55 02/21/2019 23:37:08
Kill an enemy player while you are at or below 50 Health.
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio Counter-Air Defense Counter-Air Defense 0.47 02/21/2019 23:37:08
Kill a player in the air who is over 100 units above the ground.
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio Teamed Up Bronze Teamed Up Bronze 0.34 02/21/2019 23:32:54
Play a match while in a party.
็ A Million Points of Blight A Million Points of Blight 0.32 02/21/2019 23:27:53
Inflict 1,000,000 total points of damage to enemies
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Minigun Master Minigun Master 1.10 02/21/2019 23:26:10
Kill 250 Swarm with a Minigun.
Tooney712 Tooney712 Not Just Any Object Not Just Any Object 0.93 02/21/2019 23:25:21
Obtain the Stone & Metal Object using Chris.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Another Bughunt Another Bughunt 0.97 02/21/2019 23:22:27
Kill 5,000 Swarm.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Tactical Explosives Expert Tactical Explosives Expert 1.21 02/21/2019 23:21:57
Kill 100 Swarm with Laser Tripmines.
Neclek Neclek Master Criminal Master Criminal 1.09 02/21/2019 23:15:39
Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds
Vlad Vlad Taxation Without Representation Taxation Without Representation 1.33 02/21/2019 23:15:18
As England, lose a city to disloyalty which has an established Financier Governor
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Shotgun Specialist Shotgun Specialist 0.97 02/21/2019 23:12:37
Kill 250 Swarm with a Shotgun.
I'm Arcadio I'm Arcadio Well Trained Well Trained 0.37 02/21/2019 23:10:11
Complete the Paladins Tutorial.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Pyrotechnician Pyrotechnician 0.68 02/21/2019 22:52:15
Kill 250 Swarm with a Flamethrower.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore High Voltage Expert High Voltage Expert 1.05 02/21/2019 22:49:09
Kill 250 Swarm with a Tesla Cannon.
Neclek Neclek Werewolf Mastered Werewolf Mastered 0.91 02/21/2019 22:45:31
Acquire 11 werewolf perks
Slyden Slyden Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave 0.52 02/21/2019 22:43:42
Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave
Neclek Neclek Married Married 0.58 02/21/2019 22:38:39
Get married
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Small Arms Specialist Small Arms Specialist 0.96 02/21/2019 22:24:29
Kill 250 Swarm with PDWs.
oskuro oskuro Hazzard County Hazzard County 0.22 02/21/2019 22:18:52
Complete the second day of the Goat Simulator heist within 4 minutes from when the escape car is available. Unlocks the "Goat Goat" mask, "Flamingo Eye" material and "Illumigoati" pattern.
oskuro oskuro Farmer Miserable Farmer Miserable 0.27 02/21/2019 22:15:45
In the second day of the Goat Simulator heist, send all goats in separate cages on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Slick Goat" mask, "Tongue" material and "Fur" pattern.
Borat Sagdiyev Borat Sagdiyev Double Double Double Double 0.73 02/21/2019 22:05:24
Have a Level 20 Hospital
Vlad Vlad Purple Reign Purple Reign 0.85 02/21/2019 21:52:50
As Dido, complete the Move Capital project on 4 different continents
Lyadryel Thaelgan Lyadryel Thaelgan Discoverer II Discoverer II 0.53 02/21/2019 21:48:18
Enter La Sonada Island
Slyden Slyden Wanted: Flynt Wanted: Flynt 0.53 02/21/2019 21:43:17
Killed Flynt
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) INSURGENT INSURGENT 0.89 02/21/2019 21:28:24
oskuro oskuro Goat In 60 Seconds Goat In 60 Seconds 0.20 02/21/2019 21:13:36
In the first day of the Goat Simulator heist, secure 6 goats in the escape truck within 1 minute of it arriving. Unlocks the "Scout Goat" mask, "Goat Eye" material and "Giraffe" pattern.
Vlad Vlad Future is Now Future is Now 0.85 02/21/2019 21:07:56
Be the first to complete all the technologies in the Future Era in a game with 8 or more players
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) SPREAD THE WORD SPREAD THE WORD 0.86 02/21/2019 21:07:30
oskuro oskuro Public Enemies Public Enemies 0.52 02/21/2019 21:03:38
While wearing the "Chuck" mask, kill 100 enemies using only the Crosskill pistol.
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) MARTIAN TEA PARTY MARTIAN TEA PARTY 0.80 02/21/2019 21:03:28
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) WELCOMING COMMITTEE WELCOMING COMMITTEE 0.68 02/21/2019 20:23:25
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) FEAR OF FLYING FEAR OF FLYING 1.36 02/21/2019 19:12:43
Beat Luftenstein
flex69 flex69 Fake it 'till you make it Fake it 'till you make it 1.48 02/21/2019 19:07:55
Complete a level after restarting from a checkpoint more than 5 times
oskuro oskuro For Daisy For Daisy 0.10 02/21/2019 18:57:06
Finish the Firestarter job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above with your crew using only the Contractor Pistol. Unlocks the "Daisy" mask, "Dog Fur" material and "Daisies" pattern.
tzoonami tzoonami Majima On the Beat Majima On the Beat 0.55 02/21/2019 18:56:27
Met Officer Majima.
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) BACK AT YA BACK AT YA 1.39 02/21/2019 18:45:19
Get a reflect kill with wrench
tzoonami tzoonami Mother and Child Mother and Child 0.85 02/21/2019 18:44:41
Completed chapter 4.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Pistols Expert Pistols Expert 1.12 02/21/2019 18:34:36
Kill 250 Swarm with Twin Pistols.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Firewall Specialist Firewall Specialist 1.28 02/21/2019 18:26:27
Kill 100 Swarm with Incendiary Mines.
Slyden Slyden Destroyed the Hive Destroyed the Hive 0.51 02/21/2019 18:25:02
Killed the Rakk Hive
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) TYRANT TYRANT 1.61 02/21/2019 18:04:42
Survive all 10 rooms
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Smoking Barrels Smoking Barrels 0.57 02/21/2019 18:01:38
Kill 5 Swarm with explosive barrels in a single mission.
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) MIND BLOWING MIND BLOWING 1.83 02/21/2019 17:57:46
Blow up 666 barrels
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Static Defender Static Defender 0.97 02/21/2019 17:52:46
Kill 500 Swarm with deployable Sentry Guns.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Vindicator Veteran Vindicator Veteran 0.82 02/21/2019 17:51:10
Kill 250 Swarm with a Vindicator.
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) HALF WAY THERE HALF WAY THERE 1.41 02/21/2019 17:46:14
Survive 5 rooms
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Professional Marksman Professional Marksman 1.28 02/21/2019 16:52:55
Kill 250 Swarm with a Marksman Rifle.
the_Vergil (twitch) the_Vergil (twitch) BAD PARENT BAD PARENT 2.33 02/21/2019 16:41:04
Kill 50 Little Joby's
Slyden Slyden Discovered Trash Coast Discovered Trash Coast 0.50 02/21/2019 16:37:50
Discovered Trash Coast
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker 1.02 02/21/2019 16:33:30
Complete 10 wire hacks without access being logged.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Group Heal Group Heal 0.58 02/21/2019 16:31:08
Heal all 4 marines with a single Heal Beacon.
sasch.gromow2015 sasch.gromow2015 Participated in Red Blood™ Energy Drink Trial Participated in Red Blood™ Energy Drink Trial 0.56 02/21/2019 16:06:06
You were crazy enough to drink a blood sample.
sasch.gromow2015 sasch.gromow2015 Are you Dracula? Are you Dracula? 0.57 02/21/2019 16:05:35
Collected All Blood Samples
Slyden Slyden You're on a boat! You're on a boat! 0.96 02/21/2019 15:27:21
I bet you never thought you'd be here.
DuckulaJ DuckulaJ 愚公移山 愚公移山 0.86 02/21/2019 15:23:41
Slyden Slyden Ding! Hardcore Ding! Hardcore 0.43 02/21/2019 14:48:39
Earned level 30
Rockfan Rockfan Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot 0.75 02/21/2019 14:43:59
Defeat Salamander and obtain the Fire Crystal.
Man With Two Knives Man With Two Knives Tell Me a Story Tell Me a Story 0.85 02/21/2019 14:40:42
Completed 10 substories.
Rockfan Rockfan For a Rainy Day For a Rainy Day 0.79 02/21/2019 14:27:01
Save up 50,000 gil.
Man With Two Knives Man With Two Knives Majima On the Beat Majima On the Beat 0.55 02/21/2019 14:22:36
Met Officer Majima.
flex69 flex69 Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper 0.51 02/21/2019 14:20:55
Unlocked a new item.
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Railgun Specialist Railgun Specialist 1.23 02/21/2019 14:19:11
Kill 250 Swarm with a Rail Rifle.
flex69 flex69 Blank Card Blank Card 0.44 02/21/2019 14:18:16
Unlocked a new item.
iBuyNasvay iBuyNasvay Blind Ambition Blind Ambition 0.24 02/21/2019 14:00:00
Kill 25 enemies blinded by flashbangs
Slyden Slyden Pandora-dog Millionaire Pandora-dog Millionaire 0.44 02/21/2019 13:51:29
Earned $1,000,000
Slyden Slyden Wanted: Krom Wanted: Krom 0.47 02/21/2019 13:45:32
Killed Krom
Man With Two Knives Man With Two Knives You'll Only Get Burned You'll Only Get Burned 0.85 02/21/2019 13:44:10
Completed "The Price of an F-Cup."
Slyden Slyden Facemelter Facemelter 0.43 02/21/2019 13:34:20
Killed 25 enemies with corrosive weapons
Lyadryel Thaelgan Lyadryel Thaelgan Discoverer IV Discoverer IV 0.23 02/21/2019 13:25:54
Enter Horno Island
Slyden Slyden Discovered Krom's Canyon Discovered Krom's Canyon 0.44 02/21/2019 13:07:28
Discovered Krom's Canyon
iBuyNasvay iBuyNasvay Negev Expert Negev Expert 0.36 02/21/2019 11:36:51
Kill 100 enemies with the Negev
perfect_over00 perfect_over00 The Land Down Under The Land Down Under 2.46 02/21/2019 11:05:06
Unlock 5 Factions
Flashbac85 Flashbac85 Summer Summer 0.86 02/21/2019 11:04:46
Complete summer season.
perfect_over00 perfect_over00 Adventurer 36 Adventurer 36 1.18 02/21/2019 05:44:20
Complete 325000 sectors
perfect_over00 perfect_over00 Respected Respected 0.79 02/21/2019 04:59:02
Have 100 prestige, 100 legitimacy and three stability.
tosemfreio tosemfreio Prison docks combat master Prison docks combat master 1.12 02/21/2019 03:48:58
Achieve gold medal for this challenge map
tosemfreio tosemfreio Research centre combat master Research centre combat master 1.01 02/21/2019 03:38:19
Achieve gold medal for this challenge map
tosemfreio tosemfreio Über hero Über hero 0.93 02/21/2019 03:02:46
Complete game on ÜBER
tosemfreio tosemfreio Super hero Super hero 0.77 02/21/2019 03:02:46
Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or ÜBER)
Vlad Vlad Queen of the Byrsa Queen of the Byrsa 0.55 02/21/2019 01:48:47
Win a game as Dido
oskuro oskuro Becoming Nefarious Becoming Nefarious 0.56 02/21/2019 01:39:33
Reach the thirteenth level of infamy.
tosemfreio tosemfreio Armor upgrade II Armor upgrade II 0.79 02/21/2019 01:22:44
Unlock the Armor upgrade II perk
tosemfreio tosemfreio Carry heavy machinegun Carry heavy machinegun 0.91 02/21/2019 01:08:43
Unlock the Carry heavy machinegun perk
perfect_over00 perfect_over00 Professor Campbell Would Be Proud... Professor Campbell Would Be Proud... 1.61 02/21/2019 00:56:01
Reach 250 wins for a hero class
sehelaiter sehelaiter FAMAS Expert FAMAS Expert 0.30 02/21/2019 00:55:16
Kill 100 enemies with the FAMAS
tosemfreio tosemfreio Hero Hero 0.42 02/21/2019 00:38:46
Complete game on any difficulty
Man With Two Knives Man With Two Knives Funeral For the Old Ways Funeral For the Old Ways 0.55 02/21/2019 00:34:11
Completed chapter 3.
Dunther Dunther Buzzworthy Buzzworthy 2.11 02/21/2019 00:34:03
Collected every star in Bumbling Plains!
Emineru ベルセルク Emineru ベルセルク A New Strategist A New Strategist 1.41 02/21/2019 00:32:46
Completed waves 1-30 on Survival Mode
Flashbac85 Flashbac85 It Was The Hindenburg It Was The Hindenburg 1.25 02/21/2019 00:22:16
Shoot Down The Toxic Blimp
R.à.Z. Calibore R.à.Z. Calibore Shield Down Shield Down 0.26 02/21/2019 00:19:20
Deliver the finishing blow to a Swarm Shieldbug.

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