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jshua. jshua. Mind if I roll need? Mind if I roll need? 1.46 12/04/2020 02:32:58
Unlock 10 chests with your party in group randomized dungeons.
jed jed Picnic Picnic 0.40 12/04/2020 02:09:51
Finish diorama "Picnic"
disarmed disarmed Experimenting Experimenting 0.78 12/04/2020 00:13:48
Pick up 5 different types of Equipment.
disarmed disarmed Verified Verified 0.80 12/04/2020 00:06:00
Complete the first Teleporter event 5 times.
disarmed disarmed Learning Process Learning Process 0.78 12/04/2020 00:00:05
Die 5 times.
vision. vision. Neon Nights Neon Nights 0.64 12/03/2020 23:57:03
You halted the production of Neon in the city.
disarmed disarmed Naturopath Naturopath 1.01 12/03/2020 23:56:14
Without healing, reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event.
disarmed disarmed Warrior Warrior 0.78 12/03/2020 23:56:11
Reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event without dying.
disarmed disarmed Commando: Godspeed Commando: Godspeed 1.04 12/03/2020 23:42:00
As Commando, fully charge the first-stage teleporter before the timer hits 5 minutes.
Sean9000 Sean9000 Gnome Vault of My Own Gnome Vault of My Own 1.23 12/03/2020 23:28:27
Bring a garden gnome with you to the Vault.
Sean9000 Sean9000 Triple Bypass Triple Bypass 0.46 12/03/2020 22:41:12
Solve the tanker yard's electrical puzzle and escape.
just relax just relax Blast Will and Testament Blast Will and Testament 0.19 12/03/2020 22:38:14
Win a round by picking up the bomb from a fallen comrade and successfully planting it
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Reach For the Stars Reach For the Stars 1.39 12/03/2020 19:43:56
Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 3.
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Starry-eyed Starry-eyed 1.20 12/03/2020 19:29:36
Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 2.
just relax just relax AK-47 Expert AK-47 Expert 0.28 12/03/2020 19:18:33
Kill 1,000 enemies with the AK-47
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle 1.03 12/03/2020 19:17:45
Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 1.
jshua. jshua. Grand Merchant Grand Merchant 1.12 12/03/2020 19:08:47
Earn a total of 1,000,000 Silver through the Marketplace.
jshua. jshua. Welcome to Albion Welcome to Albion 1.03 12/03/2020 18:27:16
Get killed by another player.
4breaker 4breaker Black Bag Operation Black Bag Operation 0.30 12/03/2020 18:23:36
Win a round without making any footstep noise, killing at least one enemy
jshua. jshua. Fishing for More Compliments Fishing for More Compliments 1.62 12/03/2020 17:42:26
Gather fish worth 10,000 fame.
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Ice Breaker: Silver Ice Breaker: Silver 1.10 12/03/2020 17:34:56
Get a 8x column combo in Ice Storm Mode
jshua. jshua. Expedition? What's an Expedition? Expedition? What's an Expedition? 0.71 12/03/2020 17:14:21
Successfully finish an Expedition.
Throwing Lines Throwing Lines 0.44 12/03/2020 17:13:47
Throw a yoyo.
EvaNGElion EvaNGElion Red Hot Red Hot 0.47 12/03/2020 16:58:34
Can you handle Fire Strike Extreme?
disarmed disarmed The Basics The Basics 0.77 12/03/2020 16:19:52
Discover 10 unique white items.
disarmed disarmed Multikill! Multikill! 0.84 12/03/2020 16:15:54
Kill 15 enemies simultaneously.
disarmed disarmed The Lone Survivor The Lone Survivor 0.78 12/03/2020 16:15:21
Stay alive for 30 consecutive minutes.
EvaNGElion EvaNGElion It's Over 9000, Again! It's Over 9000, Again! 0.66 12/03/2020 16:15:16
Time Spy over 9000? There's (still) no way that could be right.
SEREGA SEREGA Novice Marksman Novice Marksman 0.10 12/03/2020 16:10:52
Hit an animal from 50+ meters (55+ yards)
SEREGA SEREGA The Mile The Mile 0.08 12/03/2020 16:05:35
Travel a distance of 1 mile (1.609 kilometers) on foot
SEREGA SEREGA Leave No Animal Behind Leave No Animal Behind 0.09 12/03/2020 16:04:18
Harvest a wounded animal
SEREGA SEREGA It's Something It's Something 0.16 12/03/2020 16:01:20
Earn a bronze rating on a harvested animal
disarmed disarmed Advancement Advancement 0.76 12/03/2020 15:54:44
Complete a Teleporter event.
disarmed disarmed Elite Slayer Elite Slayer 0.76 12/03/2020 15:46:09
Defeat an Elite-type monster.
f!mer f!mer I Fry I Fry 0.32 12/03/2020 14:34:43
Ignite 10 disguised Spies.
R61LS R61LS Requiem of the Dead Requiem of the Dead 0.88 12/03/2020 14:30:49
Win a defensive siege battle with your daimyo during any winter turn.
R61LS R61LS Unnecessary Force Unnecessary Force 0.35 12/03/2020 14:22:46
Completely wipe out an enemy unit.
R61LS R61LS Forged in the Hottest Flame Forged in the Hottest Flame 0.65 12/03/2020 14:22:46
Win your first multiplayer battle.
R61LS R61LS The Gathering Storm The Gathering Storm 0.75 12/03/2020 14:22:46
Win a multiplayer battle using no cavalry units (excluding the general) in your army.
R61LS R61LS Commander of Commoners Commander of Commoners 0.48 12/03/2020 14:22:46
Keep at least 4 ashigaru units for a whole battle without routing once.
Anku Anku A Little More Difficult, Please A Little More Difficult, Please 1.26 12/03/2020 14:00:55
Finish career in Advanced mode within one profile.
R61LS R61LS Experienced Taisho Experienced Taisho 0.94 12/03/2020 13:49:43
Play 10 multiplayer battles of any type.
R61LS R61LS Head-Hunter Head-Hunter 0.58 12/03/2020 13:49:43
Collect 10,000 heads of enemy soldiers.
❀ True Detective True Detective 0.57 12/03/2020 12:43:52
Find all Murder on the Owl Express clues!
✪ janny ✪ janny Left Wing, Right Wing Left Wing, Right Wing 0.79 12/03/2020 12:41:23
Win a Snow Day match with both the Blue and Orange teams
❀ Why Why 0.65 12/03/2020 12:16:58
just... why... ?
JP JP Fully Kitted Fully Kitted 0.60 12/03/2020 12:15:32
Equip a fully kitted weapon
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Evasive Action Evasive Action 1.43 12/03/2020 12:10:39
Get to Horde Wave 4 without taking any damage
❀ Unlimited Possibilities Unlimited Possibilities 0.57 12/03/2020 11:30:49
Play a mod from the Steam Workshop!
Anku Anku Excellent Driver Excellent Driver 1.15 12/03/2020 10:52:34
Finish career with not more than 5 violations within one profile.
Anku Anku Driver in Russia Driver in Russia 1.17 12/03/2020 10:52:34
Finish career in the Russian Federation within one profile.
Anku Anku Exemplary Candidate Exemplary Candidate 1.12 12/03/2020 10:52:34
Receive all career stars in any profile.
Anku Anku The Usual The Usual 1.12 12/03/2020 10:52:34
Finish career in Normal mode within one profile.
Anku Anku Experienced carrier Experienced carrier 1.27 12/03/2020 10:52:34
Successfully complete 200 orders of a passenger transportation.
Anku Anku Perfect Passing Perfect Passing 1.14 12/03/2020 10:52:34
Finish career with not more than two exercises failed within one profile.
Anku Anku Quick Passing Quick Passing 1.12 12/03/2020 10:52:34
Receive all awards for quick passing of exercises within one profile.
JP JP Kill Leader Kill Leader 0.58 12/03/2020 09:55:35
Become the Kill Leader
sshhiitt /lolz.guru/ sshhiitt /lolz.guru/ Submissive Submissive 0.43 12/03/2020 09:10:55
Put the can in the trash.
Willtp5 Willtp5 Get Back Here! Get Back Here! 0.41 12/03/2020 07:55:02
Discover the character in the shadows
Willtp5 Willtp5 A New Path A New Path 0.40 12/03/2020 07:36:33
Break open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame
Willtp5 Willtp5 The Ancient Being The Ancient Being 0.32 12/03/2020 07:16:56
Meet the Ancient Being
Fla1d CS.FAIL Fla1d CS.FAIL Ooo! Shiny! Ooo! Shiny! 0.26 12/03/2020 06:59:01
Mine your first nugget of ore with a pickaxe.
Willtp5 Willtp5 Marking the way Marking the way 0.31 12/03/2020 06:58:37
Restore your first Map Stone
Fla1d CS.FAIL Fla1d CS.FAIL Heavy Metal Heavy Metal 0.38 12/03/2020 06:50:58
Obtain an anvil made from iron or lead.
Willtp5 Willtp5 Choices Choices Choices Choices 0.27 12/03/2020 06:43:23
Use your first ability point
Willtp5 Willtp5 So Many Secrets So Many Secrets 0.26 12/03/2020 06:40:13
Find your first secret
Willtp5 Willtp5 The Journey Begins The Journey Begins 0.30 12/03/2020 06:39:00
Complete the Prologue
Kabraxis(UH-G) Kabraxis(UH-G) Project: Resurrection Project: Resurrection 1.17 12/03/2020 06:30:35
Complete the mission "Project: Resurrection".
Kabraxis(UH-G) Kabraxis(UH-G) Discoveries Discoveries 1.00 12/03/2020 06:12:07
Complete the mission "Discoveries".
Officer on Deck Officer on Deck 1.11 12/03/2020 06:07:19
Complete "Officer on Deck"
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 1.17 12/03/2020 05:30:32
Kill a Wanted Player
CaptainCaprese CaptainCaprese Limited Run Limited Run 3.51 12/03/2020 04:53:11
Purchase at least 1 new Limited Time item in the Trophy Store
CaptainCaprese CaptainCaprese Coupon Crazy Coupon Crazy 3.51 12/03/2020 04:53:09
Spend at least 50 Trophies in the Trophy Store
PASHA_CS.MONEY PASHA_CS.MONEY All Two handed weapon Unlocked All Two handed weapon Unlocked 0.87 12/03/2020 04:30:42
Gather enough experience with two handed sword weapons
jed jed Santa's Workshop Santa's Workshop 0.40 12/03/2020 03:59:25
Finish diorama "Santa's Workshop"
Strife Strife One Shot One Kill One Shot One Kill 0.25 12/03/2020 03:37:18
Kill three consecutive players using the first bullet of your gun in Arms Race mode
Strife Strife Shorter Fuse Shorter Fuse 0.41 12/03/2020 03:31:28
Plant five bombs in Demolition Mode
CA1QU3 CA1QU3 Decked Out Decked Out 0.99 12/03/2020 03:03:44
Equip a legendary Helmet and Body Armor at the same time
buenos dias mandy buenos dias mandy Rare Collectible Rare Collectible 1.06 12/03/2020 01:39:11
Equip a Chthonic Companion
buenos dias mandy buenos dias mandy War-God's Bloodlust War-God's Bloodlust 1.33 12/03/2020 01:35:05
Fulfill the 'War-God's Bloodlust' Prophecy
TroubleMaker TroubleMaker "That's gold, Maddie! Gold!" "That's gold, Maddie! Gold!" 1.70 12/03/2020 01:30:07
Earn Gold medals on all Time Trial levels
xxxxxxY33ZZYxxxxxx xxxxxxY33ZZYxxxxxx Billionaire Billionaire 0.57 12/03/2020 01:24:48
Have a billion dollars at one time.
Shishka Boga Again Shishka Boga Again Enemy Within Enemy Within 0.38 12/03/2020 01:18:19
Kill an enemy spy
Dunther Dunther Sanguinary Covenant Sanguinary Covenant 0.63 12/03/2020 01:11:06
Discover the covenant of the bloodthirsty
Strife Strife Bank On It Bank On It 0.29 12/03/2020 00:53:49
Win five matches on Bank
Strife Strife First Things First First Things First 0.59 12/03/2020 00:49:55
Personally kill the entire Terrorist team before the bomb is planted in Demolition Mode
buenos dias mandy buenos dias mandy Well Versed Well Versed 1.21 12/03/2020 00:48:32
Fully Unlock the Olympians' Codex entries
V V Shrug It Off Shrug It Off 0.32 12/03/2020 00:36:02
Win a battle with 1 HP remaining.
V V The Guardian The Guardian 0.16 12/03/2020 00:22:55
Defeated the Guardian.
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop We need to go deeper... We need to go deeper... 1.16 12/03/2020 00:03:53
Place a sub script within another sub script.
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Minions Minions 1.13 12/02/2020 23:55:39
Create a map with 20 actors of a base actor template with "Allow changes in placed actors" unchecked.
Лох Лох Millionaire Millionaire 1.14 12/02/2020 23:54:46
End a run with $1,000,000 or more in a non-seeded, single-player run.
jshua. jshua. My precious! My precious! 1.17 12/02/2020 23:54:33
Unlock 10 chests in solo randomized dungeons.
re capitalista re capitalista Jackpot! Jackpot! 0.60 12/02/2020 23:51:34
Collect more than 1,000,000 Red Orbs total.
Shishka Boga Again Shishka Boga Again The Machineries of Joy The Machineries of Joy 0.22 12/02/2020 23:48:20
Build any wonder
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Running in Circles Running in Circles 0.93 12/02/2020 23:40:53
Create an actor route that fully connects.
mlxxdziutkii mlxxdziutkii Bigger, Badder Bigger, Badder 0.22 12/02/2020 23:36:38
Use any Hero Level 10 Ability
mlxxdziutkii mlxxdziutkii Epic Hero Epic Hero 0.41 12/02/2020 23:35:56
Level any Hero to level 20
Fuzzy Dunlop Fuzzy Dunlop Different Point of View Different Point of View 0.86 12/02/2020 23:34:51
Create a game that has maps with different views.
Kabraxis(UH-G) Kabraxis(UH-G) Until Ashes Until Ashes 1.00 12/02/2020 23:29:43
Complete the mission "Until Ashes".

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