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Earendi1 Earendi1 Dendrologist Dendrologist 0.85 01/17/2020 09:41:31
Acquire all the Abilities in one tree.
Orra Orra Master Capturer Master Capturer 0.78 01/17/2020 04:37:17
Capture 50 large monsters in master rank quests.
Orra Orra To the Land of Discoveries To the Land of Discoveries 0.63 01/17/2020 04:13:35
Reach the Guiding Lands.
Orra Orra An End and a Beginning An End and a Beginning 0.58 01/17/2020 03:59:03
Solve the mystery of the Old Everwyrm.
NeoSoper NeoSoper Growth Limit Growth Limit 0.98 01/17/2020 03:47:08
Achieved MAX level. You work too hard...
NeoSoper NeoSoper CRYSTAR CRYSTAR 0.98 01/17/2020 03:47:08
Congratulations on collecting all the trophies. Congratulations, thank you. Don’t forget to smile.
piedra103 piedra103 Neko Paradise Neko Paradise 0.40 01/17/2020 03:38:09
Thank you for playing to the end!
piedra103 piedra103 Mutual Love Mutual Love 0.40 01/17/2020 03:35:22
Clear Chapter 8
Zepar Zepar Scrooge Scrooge 0.72 01/17/2020 02:48:18
Have 1500 Gold
Kennel Kennel Just red points Just red points 0.52 01/17/2020 02:13:47
Collected 1000 red points. They do not decay at midnight. So that was easy.
Zepar Zepar He's on fire! He's on fire! 0.68 01/17/2020 02:06:26
Defeat Coal Heart
Bas1411 Bas1411 O'zapft is! O'zapft is! 1.32 01/17/2020 01:59:49
Welcome to Oktoberfest! Have Pint and a Pretzl!
Bas1411 Bas1411 Junior coach driver Junior coach driver 0.31 01/17/2020 01:10:16
100 Passenger transported
Zirgen Zirgen Hoarder! Hoarder! 0.91 01/17/2020 00:52:43
Have 20 storages on the same raft.
NeoSoper NeoSoper Memoirs of the Dead, Complete Memoirs of the Dead, Complete 0.98 01/17/2020 00:45:10
Completed the Memoirs of the Dead. Don’t forget. It's the very least I can do for killing them.
Shapperd Shapperd Grand Prix Grand Prix 1.44 01/17/2020 00:42:16
Win the Large Cup.
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Rite of Passage Rite of Passage 0.48 01/17/2020 00:40:07
Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Rite of Passage difficulty
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Smart and Resourceful Smart and Resourceful 0.43 01/17/2020 00:40:07
Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Smart and Resourceful difficulty
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Quite the Adventure Quite the Adventure 0.43 01/17/2020 00:40:07
Finish the main storyline
NeoSoper NeoSoper Purgatory Reaper Purgatory Reaper 0.98 01/17/2020 00:34:49
Killed 5000 enemies. I am the Executor Princess!
XeRKuS XeRKuS Breaking And Entering Breaking And Entering 0.60 01/17/2020 00:33:50
Gain access to Administration after it is locked down by the Joker
XeRKuS XeRKuS Lateral Thinker Lateral Thinker 0.65 01/17/2020 00:30:34
Solve 25% of Riddler challenges
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER On the Go On the Go 0.65 01/17/2020 00:15:55
Craft special ammunition 50 times
Shapperd Shapperd BFF BFF 1.39 01/17/2020 00:12:57
Win the Medium Cup.
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Queen of the Damned Queen of the Damned 0.42 01/17/2020 00:09:57
Make an unlikely ally
XeRKuS XeRKuS Freeflow Combo 10 Freeflow Combo 10 0.49 01/17/2020 00:02:56
Complete a combo of 10 moves (any play mode)
XeRKuS XeRKuS Baneful Payback Baneful Payback 0.57 01/16/2020 23:57:20
Defeat Bane
Shapperd Shapperd Teddy Got Lonely Teddy Got Lonely 1.29 01/16/2020 23:52:18
Win the Little Cup.
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Back to Where We Started Back to Where We Started 0.40 01/16/2020 23:47:35
Return to Paititi
XeRKuS XeRKuS Daydreamer Daydreamer 0.56 01/16/2020 23:43:58
Survive the nightmare of the Scarecrow's fear gas
Shapperd Shapperd Pure Racing Pure Racing 1.25 01/16/2020 23:41:57
Finish a race without using any powerups.
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Chain Gang Chain Gang 0.53 01/16/2020 23:37:27
Perform the Serpent's Fury 3 times
XeRKuS XeRKuS Just What The Doctors Ordered Just What The Doctors Ordered 0.54 01/16/2020 23:33:33
Save all the doctors in medical
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Total Party Kill Total Party Kill 0.53 01/16/2020 23:33:32
Kill 5 enemies with friendly fire
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER The Chosen One The Chosen One 0.40 01/16/2020 23:25:02
Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel
MegaSamurott503 MegaSamurott503 PACIFIST, SORT OF PACIFIST, SORT OF 1.33 01/16/2020 23:13:07
MegaSamurott503 MegaSamurott503 ANOTHER MINIT ANOTHER MINIT 1.35 01/16/2020 23:13:07
The Dahn The Dahn Sequence 1 Complete Sequence 1 Complete 0.52 01/16/2020 23:12:18
Solve each Strand in Sequence 1.
The Dahn The Dahn Baby Steps Baby Steps 0.42 01/16/2020 23:07:27
Make your first Splice.
XeRKuS XeRKuS Cryptic Investigator Cryptic Investigator 0.57 01/16/2020 23:06:11
Solve 10% of Riddler challenges
Shapperd Shapperd Sole Survivor Sole Survivor 0.89 01/16/2020 23:02:08
In multiplayer, be the only player on your team that isn't dead or downed.
XeRKuS XeRKuS Arkham Analyst Arkham Analyst 0.52 01/16/2020 22:48:48
Solve 5% of Riddler challenges
XeRKuS XeRKuS Born Free Born Free 0.48 01/16/2020 22:43:38
Escape from Intensive Treatment to the island surface
piedra103 piedra103 Like a Catpanion Like a Catpanion 0.39 01/16/2020 22:31:25
Clear Chapter 7
Kennel Kennel Voices of the Past Voices of the Past 0.63 01/16/2020 22:25:38
Collect 75% of all narrative assets (relics, murals, and documents)
Kennel Kennel Keen Eye Keen Eye 0.67 01/16/2020 22:13:56
Unearth 40 Survival Caches
XeRKuS XeRKuS Malpractice Needs More Practice Malpractice Needs More Practice 0.41 01/16/2020 22:11:51
Survive the onslaught from the deformed Joker henchman
Shapperd Shapperd One Credit Clear One Credit Clear 1.74 01/16/2020 22:10:51
Finish the game without use continues at Normal Difficulty or Harder.
XeRKuS XeRKuS Leave No Man Behind Leave No Man Behind 0.42 01/16/2020 22:06:26
Rescue the guards and henchman from the Joker toxin in Decontamination
Kennel Kennel Huntress Huntress 1.10 01/16/2020 21:57:34
Kill 50 animals while wearing the Huntress outfit
Voodoo288 Voodoo288 Sarum Completed Sarum Completed 0.99 01/16/2020 21:47:12
Completed Homeworld 2 Remastered Mission 3
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Thread the Past Thread the Past 0.51 01/16/2020 21:42:27
Restore 5 vestige outfit pieces
Soraph Soraph Sweet Sweet Love Sweet Sweet Love 0.60 01/16/2020 21:39:01
Mate for the first time
XeRKuS XeRKuS Shocking Rescue Shocking Rescue 0.39 01/16/2020 21:37:36
Take down Zsasz in the Patient Pacification Chamber
Shapperd Shapperd Warm up the Crowd Warm up the Crowd 1.23 01/16/2020 21:37:05
Heat up the audience
XeRKuS XeRKuS Freeflow Combo 5 Freeflow Combo 5 0.38 01/16/2020 21:31:32
Complete a combo of 5 moves (any play mode)
Kennel Kennel The Road Less Travelled The Road Less Travelled 0.37 01/16/2020 21:31:14
Unlock the path to Kitezh
Shapperd Shapperd Flyin' High Flyin' High 1.21 01/16/2020 21:30:10
Defeat the Snowmobiles before defeating a Hang Glider
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Heart of the Serpent Heart of the Serpent 0.38 01/16/2020 21:25:50
Find the mission of San Juan
Shapperd Shapperd Dryfoot Dryfoot 1.12 01/16/2020 21:25:33
Don't touch the hazardous water in Shady Oasis
Kennel Kennel Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub Glub 0.40 01/16/2020 21:23:21
Drown 3 enemies using a water finisher
Shapperd Shapperd Unburnt Unburnt 1.30 01/16/2020 21:20:01
Don't touch the lava in Skelos Badlands
Kennel Kennel Whatever It Takes Whatever It Takes 0.37 01/16/2020 21:17:54
Rescue Jonah from Konstantin
Hydra Hydra ... And away he goes, Precious! ... And away he goes, Precious! 1.17 01/16/2020 21:02:44
Defeat Gollum as Gollum.
Thalassicus Thalassicus Friends With Benefits Friends With Benefits 0.33 01/16/2020 20:35:56
Complete the subplot involving Keira Metz.
XeRKuS XeRKuS The Last Laugh The Last Laugh 0.85 01/16/2020 20:17:19
The joke's on who?
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Playing with Fire Playing with Fire 0.38 01/16/2020 20:05:44
Burn 2 enemies simultaneously
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Marksman Marksman 0.41 01/16/2020 19:38:46
Perform 20 headshots with the bow
Earendi1 Earendi1 Walked the Path Walked the Path 1.06 01/16/2020 19:36:32
Finish the game on the "Death March!" difficulty level.
Earendi1 Earendi1 Ran the Gauntlet Ran the Gauntlet 0.85 01/16/2020 19:36:32
Finish the game on the "Blood and Broken Bones!" or "Death March!" difficulty levels.
ulrich nielsen ulrich nielsen Blood Money Blood Money 0.55 01/16/2020 19:23:38
Earn $50,000,000 total cash
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Family Ties Family Ties 0.37 01/16/2020 18:16:34
Free Unuratu from prison
Slowacki Slowacki Warm and Soft Warm and Soft 0.99 01/16/2020 17:31:46
Hatch the Egg of Altasgracias.
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER I Believe Hakan Fly I Believe Hakan Fly 0.44 01/16/2020 17:06:08
Rescue Hakan from the cultists
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Hearts and Minds Hearts and Minds 0.44 01/16/2020 16:50:17
Retrieve Manko's Necklace
Slowacki Slowacki The Desire of the Corrupted The Desire of the Corrupted 1.06 01/16/2020 16:46:56
Visit the tomb of The Lady of the Tailed Gown.
Slowacki Slowacki Detestatio Sacrorum Detestatio Sacrorum 1.25 01/16/2020 16:37:56
Beat all the arena challenges.
Tedditory Tedditory Remember the Fallen Remember the Fallen 1.29 01/16/2020 16:33:41
Lose 5000 units in battle
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Archeologist Archeologist 0.33 01/16/2020 16:17:59
Complete an Artifact Collection
半吊子的嬉皮士 半吊子的嬉皮士 Our techniques sharpened to a razor's edge... Our techniques sharpened to a razor's edge... 0.86 01/16/2020 16:17:53
Fully upgrade the Guild
Shapperd Shapperd Mastered Ricardo Mastered Ricardo 1.98 01/16/2020 16:10:12
Get the Ricardo's Black Belt.
Aaron ✔ Aaron ✔ Too Tired Too Tired 0.61 01/16/2020 16:08:20
Forced to sleep at 3:00 in the morning.
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Como Te Llama Como Te Llama 0.63 01/16/2020 16:06:26
Pet 5 llamas
AsagiShogo AsagiShogo The Mark of Kings The Mark of Kings 0.55 01/16/2020 16:04:02
Awarded for finishing Chapter 7.
[=Grrrrr=] CHESTER [=Grrrrr=] CHESTER Resting Places Resting Places 0.40 01/16/2020 16:02:33
Uncover 3 main game Crypts' secrets
Slowacki Slowacki Summa Blasphemia Summa Blasphemia 0.98 01/16/2020 15:58:30
Beat His Holiness Escribar.
Qushiru Qushiru (´・ω・`) (´・ω・`) 0.76 01/16/2020 15:52:29
You don't need to be in a stream to see the audience react
Earendi1 Earendi1 Rad Steez, Bro! Rad Steez, Bro! 0.40 01/16/2020 15:45:45
Slide downhill uninterrupted for at least 10 seconds.
SQZYY SQZYY Big Brother Big Brother 0.31 01/16/2020 15:40:28
Complete delivery of the Haul Truck Chassis (requires Special Transport DLC)
SQZYY SQZYY Size Matters Size Matters 0.08 01/16/2020 15:40:28
Deliver first oversize cargo (requires Special Transport DLC)
Reilly Reilly Good Egg Good Egg 1.38 01/16/2020 15:36:31
Hatch a new critter morph from an egg.
Slowacki Slowacki Cvstodia's Pilgrim Cvstodia's Pilgrim 0.98 01/16/2020 15:32:11
Discover all zones.
Slowacki Slowacki Bestiary Bestiary 1.00 01/16/2020 15:31:44
Beat all types of enemies.
Slowacki Slowacki Faith Off Faith Off 0.97 01/16/2020 15:31:44
Beat Crisanta of the Anointed Blade.
XeRKuS XeRKuS How's It Hanging? How's It Hanging? 0.82 01/16/2020 14:59:53
Clean up the Dry Docks
XeRKuS XeRKuS Breaking and Entering Breaking and Entering 0.81 01/16/2020 14:59:53
Find a way into the secret base
SQZYY SQZYY Time for Big Hauling Time for Big Hauling 0.07 01/16/2020 14:53:33
Deliver first Heavy Cargo (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)
Thalassicus Thalassicus Bookworm Bookworm 0.28 01/16/2020 14:39:32
Read 30 books, journals or other documents.
-Le0n- -Le0n- Giant Crown Collector Giant Crown Collector 0.94 01/16/2020 14:34:50
Obtain a gold crown for 10 or more monsters that appear from low or high rank.
Qushiru Qushiru Did you miss me? Did you miss me? 0.68 01/16/2020 14:04:25
Here's a gift!

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