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Game Achievement Crawled Points
The Professor The Professor 2.59
You have gained at least 75% scouting knowledge for your club
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0.00
Kill any boss on first try
Shadow Master Shadow Master 0.00
Trap 6 enemies in a shadow triangle
Freezer Freezer 0.00
catch the sushi
Persistant Persistant 0.00
Collect 500points after level ends (before level stat appears)
Speed Boost Speed Boost 2.31
Completed all the Easy tracks in under 6 minutes without a fall. Confidence and style. What's not to like?
Who Wants to take on the Champ? Who Wants to take on the Champ? 2.69
Accept and Complete 500 Challenges
Taking On the Universe Taking On the Universe 2.48
Accept and Complete 100 Challenges
Taking On The World Taking On The World 2.39
Accept and Complete 50 Challenges
Regain that spring in your step Regain that spring in your step 1.56
Reach Sekto Springs.
Demonic Demonic 2.65
Finish level 23 with 0% Quarma
We're Freeeeeee! We're Freeeeeee! 2.32
Rescue all the Mudokons in the game
Man Handler Man Handler 1.31
As a female character, Capture and sell three NPC lords.
Complete (100%) Complete (100%) 3.32
100% of objectives complete
Combo! Combo! 0.40
Get your first combo bonus
Four of a Kind Four of a Kind 2.67
Reach level 10 with all character classes
Conqueror of Peoples Conqueror of Peoples 2.55
If you have captured all the surrounding lands, then you are the great Conqueror of Peoples.
Coward Coward 2.62
Cowardly heroes always play it safe.
Careful Careful 2.60
A Careful hero is prudent. He studies his options thoroughly.
Brave Brave 2.59
Brave heroes always rush into the heat of battle.
Training Dummy Training Dummy 2.59
A general may win the war even if he loses a lot of battles. But his soldiers will call him Training Dummy.
Veteran Veteran 2.60
А decent Veteran wins as many battles as he loses.
Invincible Invincible 2.59
The great Invincible hero loses only a few small battles, but wins all others.
Mason Mason 2.62
A Mason builds only those buildings that will help the war effort.
Builder Builder 2.64
A Builder creates a well-rounded city. Builders are interested in many types of buildings.
Architect Architect 2.64
The cities under the patronage of an Architect are flourishing. Architects construct buildings of all types.
Smitten Smitten 0.60
Slay 1000 enemies
Flag Collector Flag Collector 2.28
Capture 50 Flags
Escapist Escapist 2.26
Steal the Crown at Monastery Hill
Troubadour of the day Troubadour of the day 2.27
Sound the horn at Helms Deep
A heavy burdon A heavy burdon 2.26
Kill a player with the stonetrap in Stoneshill
Blast from the past Blast from the past 2.26
Destroy the sea wall at Invasion
Death from above Death from above 2.26
Kill 1 player with the oilbarrels at Siege
Legendary Champion Legendary Champion 2.28
Get 10,000 kills
On top of things! On top of things! 2.28
Raise 25 flags by yourself
A helping hand A helping hand 2.28
Assist in raising 100 flags
Turtler Turtler 2.28
Make 7 successful parries in a row
Siege Engine Siege Engine 2.28
On The Siege, get 20 catapult kills in one round
Blood Bank Blood Bank 2.27
Take 500 damage in one life
Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer 2.28
As Man-At-Arms, kill 10 enemies in 1 life without taking damage
Critical Hit Critical Hit 2.28
Kill 50 Enemies through their parry
Defending Champion Defending Champion 2.28
Absorb 500,000 damage with a shield
Sweet Spot Sweet Spot 2.26
Kill 200 players at full health with one blow.
Legendary Defender Legendary Defender 2.26
Kill 500 Opponents while they are near, or completing, an objective
Assassin Assassin 2.28
Kill 100 objective-carrying enemies
Can't Touch This Can't Touch This 2.28
Parry 1000 blows
Independent Contractor Independent Contractor 2.25
Assist in building a bridge 100 times
Public Enemy Number One Public Enemy Number One 2.26
Top score in 50 games
Flash of the Blade Flash of the Blade 2.24
Successfully parry, stab and slash in a fight.
All Within My Hands All Within My Hands 2.22
Get 100 kills with the Fists
Vanquished Teleios Vanquished Teleios 2.04
You have defeated Teleios!
Shoot Me Again Shoot Me Again 2.22
Kill the same person twice in a row with the Longbow
Inside My Head Inside My Head 2.04
Investigate the large skeleton in Rastrinifhar's Abyss
Hero of the Day Hero of the Day 2.24
Complete all objectives in a map
Hidden Treasure Hidden Treasure 2.04
Find Capt. Hawkins HIdden Stash
Crash Course in Brain Surgery Crash Course in Brain Surgery 2.24
Get 250 Head Explodies
Buried at Sea Buried at Sea 2.03
Examine a mysterious chest
Ninja Ninja 2.23
Kill an opponent with your bare hands
Vulcan's Champion Vulcan's Champion 2.04
Experience the volcanic nature of Monster Island.
Headhunter Headhunter 2.24
Get 250 "Head Explodies", 250 Decapitations, 500 projectile headshots
Crossbow Twang Crossbow Twang 2.24
500 Kills with the crossbow
Siegemaster Siegemaster 2.24
Achieve 50 catapult kills.
Just a flesh wound! Just a flesh wound! 2.23
Lose your head 100 times
Netherdemon Victory Netherdemon Victory 2.04
Defeat 1000 Nether Demons
Tis but a scratch! Tis but a scratch! 2.22
Get decapped 50 times
Sharkbite Survivor Sharkbite Survivor 2.03
Defeat the Megalodon
Deep Impact Deep Impact 2.04
Catch a flaming meteor
Desert History: Uranium Flats Desert History: Uranium Flats 2.04
The highest security prison in the entire world, the supervillain penitentiary Stronghold houses some of the most dangerous and diabolical superpowered threats on the face of the planet. This maximum security facility was built to withstand anything short of a nuclear bomb, and utilizes literally thousands of different safeguards, including a state-of-the-art “hot sleep” facility which puts certain uncontrollable criminals into an induced coma for the duration of their sentence. If there is such thing as an “escape-proof” prison, Stronghold Supervillain Penitentiary is the place!
Netherdemon Assault Netherdemon Assault 2.04
Defeat 100 Nether Demons
Rescue Dog Rescue Dog 2.04
Defuse 100 Bombs
Desert History: Devil's Head Mesa Desert History: Devil's Head Mesa 2.05
History of Snake Gulch...
Heads on a Platter! Heads on a Platter! 1.88
Save the Prince in The Siege.
Vanquished Rampaging Teleioraptor Vanquished Rampaging Teleioraptor 2.04
You have defeated Rampaging Teleioraptor!
Vanquished the Ghost Pirate Ship Vanquished the Ghost Pirate Ship 2.04
You have defeated the Ghost Pirate Ship
Vanquished Megalodon Vanquished Megalodon 2.03
You have defeated Megalodon!
Vanquished The Maw Vanquished The Maw 2.04
You have defeated The Maw
Vanquished Leviathan Vanquished Leviathan 2.03
You have defeated Leviathan
Vanquish Bronze King Vanquish Bronze King 2.03
You have defeated the Bronze King
Open Mission: Trumping the Shark Open Mission: Trumping the Shark 2.04
You've defeated the Flying Dutchman
Netherdemon Triumph Netherdemon Triumph 2.04
Defeat 5000 Nether Demons
First Order of Business First Order of Business 1.61
Complete Vincent's first quest
A taste of glory A taste of glory 2.08
Win a multiplayer match.
Nurse Nurse 2.84
Heal 10,000 Health Points
Highscore Master Highscore Master 2.81
Score 10,000,000 points
Explorer Explorer 2.87
Play at least 1 game on every map
Master of Multiwinia Master of Multiwinia 2.88
Win a game on every single map available
Curse Broken Curse Broken 2.40
Best Ending
Extreme Makeover Extreme Makeover 1.37
Complete the League of Legends custom skins Protip.
Show Stealer Show Stealer 1.38
Watch the entirety of PCG Plays: Monaco.
Complete game killing only males.
Euthanise 30 elderly folks.
Complete Good path without falling off.
Complete game using only the pistol.
Complete game using only melee.
Kill no animals in one playthrough.
Swap paths 5 times in one playthrough.
Beat game with zero kills.n(zombies and bosses don't count)
Kill/incapacitate 235 terrorists.
200 injured or death-crawling victims NOT finished off.
50 kills using dog.

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